Metal theft significantly decreased after authorities demanded all buyers of scrap metal ask for and take a record of identification from every customer the purchase scrap metal from. We have come across a few people who have had their Copper Gutters stolen from their houses and have been left with a costly repair and replacement bill. So we decided to write a brief guide on how you can prevent Copper Gutter Theft.

How To Prevent the Theft of Copper Gutters

There are limited options when it comes to protecting your copper gutters from thieves as they are obviously on the external of your property. If there have been a significant number of copper gutter thefts in your area you should think about setting up a neighbourhood watch, neighbourhoods that do this often reduce the amount of theft and many other types of crime in the area. You could also consider setting up a cctv system on your home. Although it may sound drastic, this would be a massive deterrent to any potential thieves eyeing up your copper gutters. A fairly inexpensive way to prevent the theft of your copper gutter is to have gutter brackets installed on all of your gutters. Gutter brackets add security to your copper gutters and make it a lot harder for thieves to steel them.

Copper Gutter Theft

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